Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2017

The 40th Anniversary of Vancouver Folk Music Festival It may not have been the 40th anniversary of folk music at

Ben Harper live in Vancouver

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals at the Commodore Ballroom It may have been one of the busiest weekends of

Khalid live in Vancouver at the PNE Forum

The “American Teen” Comes ‘Rollin’ into Vancouver Welcome to Vancouver Khalid… you sure as eff did it in style to a sold-out PNE forum. The forum was lit- wait, can you say lit when it was packed with people who were probably at least 75% under the age of 17? Regardless, the place was insanely packed and singing along to each

Rifflandia 2017 with Moby

We are pretty sure that it is obvious why you should make your way over on the ferry to catch Rifflandia

Offspring with Sublime with Rome at Abbotsford Centre

It isn’t summer without awesome concerts, and Abbotsford kicked the season off with one heck of a show. Last Friday, The Offspring and Sublime With Rome headlined a raucously fun show at the Abbotsford Centre. The SoCal punk double bill brought more than 5,000 fans to the arena for a ’90s flashback packed with hits. Sublime With Rome brought good

Vancouver Folk Music Festival

On Thursday night, July 13 2017 at 7 p.m. Vancouverites can be part of something truly special when the Vancouver Folk Music

Surrey Canada Day with Hedley and MAGIC!

Surrey Just Keeps Growing This was my second year celebrating Canada Day in Surrey. The first time was in 2015

Mondo Cozmo Interview

Alexis was able to take some time with Josh from Mondo Cozmo while at Sasquatch! Music Festival. Check it out! Alexis: So, my first question that I had for you is from a fan who is a little bit curious to know: is Mondo Cozmo a band, or just a solo project by you? Josh: Oh it’s just me; I

Interview with Manatee Commune

Alexis: Do you have any pets? I saw a photo of a dog on your Instagram. Grant: Yeah I do

Ryan Adams live in Vancouver

Do You Still Love Me – Vancouver There was nothing really all that different about seeing Ryan Adams this time,

Jurassic 5 live in Vancouver

J5 is Alive If any Commodore performance could be considered golden, it’s Jurassic 5‘s. In their first time back since the 2013 Squamish Festival, the alternative hip-hop six-piece got the place jumping last weekend with two sold-out shows on Granville Street. Their Friday/Saturday sets included a ton of J5 jams, including “Concrete Schoolyard,” “Quality Control,” “Jurass Finish First” and the

Corey Feldman and the Angels live in Bellingham

There is so much that could be said about the Corey Feldman and the Angels concert that took place in Bellingham at

Rococode Release new EP – “Young Ones”

Photo credit to Lynol Lui (he captures the essence of Rococode so well) On June 16th Vancouver’s beloved band, Rococode, released a six song EP entitled “Young Ones” and after giving it a few listens through I feel compelled to talk about it. Detesting comparisons between bands I still need to state that it’s suiting to have had Caleb Shreve (Tegan and Sara,

CKY live in Vancouver

“C-K-Y! C-K-Y! C-K-Y!” After eight long years, Vancouver was finally able to chant those three letters again as the alt-metal

Sasquatch! Music Festival 2017 Review and Photographs

Down at the Gorge for Sasquatch! Music Festival *Editor Note, the delay in posting was the editor’s fault!* When the call comes that there is an opportunity to go down to review and photograph Sasquatch! Music Festival 2017 you immediately drop everything and find a way to make it happen. That is what happened when VIES had a last minute change to

Tool live in Vancouver

“I’ve Got Some Good News, and I have Got Some Bad News” In 1993 Undertow came out by the California band, Tool and

Hollerado live in Vancouver

(Born) Yesterday at the Commodore Ballroom Having formed in 2007, Hollerado, has been on the Canadian rock airwaves since with songs

Midnight Oil live in Vancouver

Australian Rockers, Midnight Oil, in Stanley Park Having the chance to catch Midnight Oil live had been one of those items on

BottleRock Napa 2017 Review and Photographs

I CANT STOP DRINKING ABOUT YOU – Memories of BottleRock Napa 2017 If you were not at BottleRock Napa 2017 then you will have to somehow read this, and yet at the same time close your eyes, and imagine what it would be like to be in one of the prettiest towns, with the most succulent foods, diverse wines, amazing craft

BottleRock Napa Valley 2017 Day One Review

Do you remember when you were ‘x’ years old, or maybe ‘xx’ years old, and you went to Disneyland for

Miss Quincy & The 5 Star Studs at The Wise Hall

There is still one more chance to catch Miss Quincy & The 5 Star Studs at the Wise Hall, and if you haven’t already caught one of their shows- you really should. The first time I met Jody Peck (AKA Miss Quincy) was for an interview where she spilled her love for Patsy Cline and Emmylou Harris. A few hours after the interview I saw her

Jason Bonham live in Vancouver

Ah, like father, like son. Most of us weren’t around to see Led Zeppelin back in the day, but Jason

Get Over the Loss of Pemby by going to The Center Of Gravity

Center of Gravity Festival I know a lot of people who bought tickets to PembyFest are probably, and rightfully, royally pissed off right now, but for every grey cloud you can find a silver lining. The silver lining could come in the form of WayHome who has generously offered ticket holders some deals, but there is a much brighter lining

Testament with Sepultura live in Vancouver

Testament with Sepultura at The Commodore Ballroom Who said nothing fun happens on Wednesdays? Vancouver metalheads were in for a

The Flaming Lips live in Vancouver

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre or Alice’s Wonderland? In 1993 the world learned all about a girl who used vaseline, a guy who used magazines, and yet another girl that used tangerines (“She Don’t Use Jelly”) from an experimental psych rock indie type band from Oklahoma City… The Flaming Lips. Fast forward almost a quarter of a century and the Lips

Jimmy Eat World live in Vancouver

Six years ago, Jimmy Eat World headlined the Commodore and had Vancouver wanting more. Last Wednesday was no different. The Mesa

The Smugglers live in Vancouver

The Smugglers, The Muffs, Chixdiggit, and Needles // Pins at the Commodore Ballroom It was a show unlike any other