Ten Minutes with Andy Schichter

Written by:  Daniel W Young     Photo by:  Screen Captured from Video

Upcoming Show:  Waldorf, Vancouver

When:  May 22, 2015

Reason You Should Go:  Take a listen to the song Hey, Allison

Sound/Genre:  I liked their definition on their website the best: “a rustic acoustic sound that might’ve been birthed had REM and Father John Misty spent a night together in a forest”

Where They Got Their Name:  There does not seem to be a big hidden deep meaning in the name.  They liked the word echo and wanted to use it, and then Nebraska came with some influence from the movie and the Springsteen album.

My Favourite Part of the Interview:  For me, it was just nice to get to hear from a new up and coming band.  There was some dialogue, not mentioned below, about bands and getting music out there and wanting to tour more in summer than in winter months.  I mean, who wants to be stuck in a vehicle with band mates while it is all crappy out on the roads.  Fun summer road-trips are much better.

A Video:

Andy From Echo Nebraska 

I had the chance to catch up with Andy from the new Vancouver band, Echo Nebraska.  Although he might have originated from Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario), I tried not to hold that against him.  In his defence, he didn’t get to decide where he was born and raised, and besides, he must be a pretty stand up guy since he is now living here.  He told me that he had come to Portland for music and just fell in love with the West Coast, thus, he was okay in my books.

As a brand new band it was refreshing to hear that they will be attempting to hit the road fairly quickly, and in the words of Andy “We don’t want to saturate and just play Vancouver, Vancouver consistently.  We want every couple of weekends we just drive out and find another city to play to.”  So be sure to catch them at the Waldorf on the 22nd.

Tell me who makes up the band

It is a six piece band.  I (Andy Schichter) play guitar, Devan (Christodoulou) sings and plays guitar, Gunn (Park) on bass, Mike (Lauder) on drums, Karen (Hefford) on keyboards and backing vocal, and Kathy (Kwon) on violin and backing vocals.

The video I saw was pretty awesome, tell me about that

It was a lot of fun, getting covered in paint.  We probably played the song for three hours, and I couldn’t even strum the guitar because there was just so much paint on the strings and stuff.  It was a lot of fun and then we were just hosed down afterwards.  Trying to get it all off.

So where did the idea of the video come from (Hey, Allison)?

The song is about overcoming depression and a mental illness kind of thing, so the idea was to start the video dark and then all of a sudden, through art, you become very happy and positive and start painting with colours.  

You have been classified as a folk-rock band…

Indie-folk-rock.  That is something that we have kind of focused on.  Now that we are a six piece band, we started out just as a four piece, and now six piece, I think we are not sounding as folky.  The songs aren’t as much acoustic based.  With more members it is just sounding more like an indie-rock show.  The folk elements are still there, but it is becoming less and less apparent as we’ve gotten more comfortable playing, and we want to add some more grit to the songs.  


Live shows are we hearing all original songs?

Yes, it is all originals.  We play the EP, and then Devan and I have put together like ten other demos that we are trying out with the band.  And he just has like a billion songs, like every couple of weeks he is sending me iPhone recordings of something new he has recorded. 

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

For me, pretty much Beatles and a lot of Beach Boys.  My dad would always play tapes of Surfin USA.  Then, in high school, when I first heard Pet Sounds I was blown away with that was the band that I was listening to as my dad took me to swimming lessons and school and stuff.  

So what was your first concert you saw?

I was 13 and it was Eve 6, Treble Charger and Gob.  

You can connect with Echo Nebraska on their website, facebook, and twitter.

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