Clay Ravens EP Release @ The Cobalt

ALL IN – EP Release Party at The Cobalt October 26, 2017     //     Photo by: Chad Gilmour

Defined as a “sweat-soaked foot-stomping indie folk band”, Clay Ravens is a Vancouver six piece band that has just finished off a small headlining tour and they will now take a couple of weeks off before hosting their EP release party at The Cobalt.

The song “All In” starts off with moody notes and hauntingly soft vocals until the lightning breaks the silence. With a flash your ears are surrounded by a full band as their sweet sounds build to an eruption that takes you in and spits out a full fledged fun loving bit of folk rock. So much more energetic than one would have expected from the start, the song has you wanting to hear more from the band.

Luckily, there is another song that has been released, “Draft Dodger”, which was quoted as:

“My Canadian hometown was a refuge for draft dodgers during the Vietnam War. Relating the stories I heard growing up to current geopolitical situations inspired me to explore the impacts of abandoning your home due to political pressures. The song draft dodger explores the human effects of uprooting yourself and leaving your family for a chance at a better life.” – Clay Ravens 

You can catch the band when they perform at The Cobalt to release the EP, All In.

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