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Whether we are going out for a drink, or perhaps a bite to eat… or maybe we are just sitting in and trying a beer or glass of wine, this is our taste test review section. Reviews on craft beers, local breweries, restaurants, wine, scotch, whiskey, gin, chew (nope, not really)…

New Music Venue – Skinny Fat Jack’s

Skinny Fat Jack’s Skinny Fat Jack’s is a fairly new, and uniquely intimate, music venue where you enter through the back

Craft Beer Review – Mt Begbie Nasty Habit

Thirsty Thursdays Craft Beer Review Nasty Habit Indian Pale Ale According to the Bottle:  Allow yourself to be seduced by our Nasty Habit.  A generously hopped IPA, balanced by a diabolical blend of rich specialty malts and pure mountain water.  A wicked ale that leaves you lusting for more. Alcohol Content:  6.0% About the Brewer:  Mt. Begbie Brewing Company is

The Maltheads – Season 01 Episode 01

After many months of planning and trying to work out the kinks so we would have a successful first podcast,

The Alibi Room

You know that TV show Cheers?  It is the show that starred Ted Danson and had that mailman character Cliff Clavin.  Well, it wasn’t like I walked into the Alibi Room and everyone knew my name, in fact no one did, but I did get a certain sense of comfort going there much like I imagine Norm would have gotten